Who Is Molly?


Molly’s Soaps are made in the Methow Valley near Winthrop, Washington. Molly’s Soap began as a hobby in 1975 and was turned into a business in 1982. Beginning in her kitchen, Molly experimented with different bases, essential oils, and botanical ingredients to perfect each recipe.  We love plants!  In many of the bars you'll find botanicals like comfrey, elder flowers, or yarrow leaf harvested fresh from the garden.  We also add special ingredients such as avocado oil, shea butter, poppy seeds, or oatmeal for their specific properties. Each variety offers something a little different. Whether you are looking for something for sensitive skin, something to get the axle grease off, or an aromatic experience, we invite you to explore our varieties to find the one that’s right for you. To learn more, click each bar’s description in our shop, check out the soap chart, or send me an email.   Whichever variety you choose, our soap is never tested on animals and always creates a gentle lather and a natural scent. 

This year has seen some changes for Molly’s Soap.  After 40+ years of soapmaking, Molly handed the business off to me, Gabby. I have been fortunate to learn the ropes from Molly, and I am honored to carry on the name of Molly’s Soap (NOT Gabby’s Soap!). I hope to continue the business under Molly’s philosophy - soap made in small batches, cut by hand, with special attention to quality. This year we are busy moving equipment and supplies seven miles down valley, from Molly’s workshop to mine. Molly and I continue to work together to make a seamless transition.  To Molly’s loyal customers, you can expect more of the same great soap you have to come to love, and I hope you will continue to support what is still a homegrown business. I can’t wait to do my own experimenting, so you can look forward to new varieties in the future. Sign up for my email list to find out about new products, special promotions, and events. Here's to keepin' it clean!